Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Price List

Selections and price list updated May 3, 2011 - Check back for additions and changes!

Cake: All cakes, unless otherwise specified, are 8-inch rounds and easily provide 12 large slices.
  • Vanilla -- vanilla cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with either fluffy Seven-Minute frosting or our signature buttercream. $25.00
  • Chocolate -- Devil's food cake layered and topped with either fluffy Seven-Minute frosting or our signature buttercream or chocolate buttercream. $25.00
  • Cinnamon Streusel -- White vanilla cake ribboned with brown sugar cinnamon and topped with cream cheese frosting and more brown sugar cinnamon. $28.00
  • White Velvet Almond -- White velvet almond cake topped with brown sugar buttercream. $28.00
  • Vanilla Strawberry Cream -- Vanilla cake filled with sweet strawberry filling and covered with buttercream or strawberry buttercream frosting. $28.00
  • Iced Lemon Pound -- Moist lemon pound cake topped with tangy, lemon glaze. $18.00/loaf or $25.00/ring
  • Red Velvet -- Classic southern red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. $32.00
  • German Chocolate -- Sweet German chocolate cake filled and topped with coconut pecan filling and edged with chocolate fudge frosting. $32.00
  • Carrot -- Carrots, pineapples and pecans in a spice cake filled with and topped with cream cheese frosting. $32.00
  • Coconut Cream -- White coconut cake filled with coconut cream and topped with fluffy Seven-Minute frosting and finished with sweet, shredded coconut. $32.00
Cuppies: Our cupcakes are baked in regular sized baking cups and topped with a generous swirl of delicious frosting. Minis and jumbos are available by request. Minimum order for regular and jumbo is half dozen and 2 dozen for minis. Ask for sprinkles!
  • Vanilla/Vanilla -- Moist vanilla cake with our signature buttercream frosting. $20.00/dozen
  • Chocolate/Chocolate -- Devil's food cake with creamy fudge frosting. $20.00/dozen
  • Lemon -- Tangy lemon cake with light lemon filling, topped with buttercream. $20.00/dozen
  • Double Chocolate Raspberry -- Chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling and creamy fudge filling. $24.00/dozen
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate -- Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mousse filling with creamy fudge frosting. $24.00/dozen
  • WhiteVelvet Almond Raspberry -- White velvet almond cake with raspberry filling and almond butter cream frosting. $24.00/dozen
  • Red Velvet -- Traditional red velvet cake topped with tangy cream cheese frosting. $28.00/dozen
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry -- Chocolate fudge topped with cherry buttercream frosting and dipped in a chocolately shell. $28.00/dozen
  • Peanut Butter Cup -- Chocolate cake filled and topped with peanut butter mousse. $28.00/dozen
These all come with a minimum order of half a dozen.

Cinnamon Rolls: Huge, soft, spiraled rolls, stuffed with cinnamon filling and covered with icing. Available with with raisins, pecans or apple filling. $18.00/half dozen $30/dozen

Appletizers: One of our most requested desserts! Gala and Granny Smith apples mixed with sugar and cinnamon, then baked on a flaky, buttery crust. Topped with almond glaze. $18.00/half dozen $30.00/dozen

Brownies: Moist, chocolately brownies with delicious dark fudge frosting. $15.00/half dozen $25.00/dozen

Lemon Squares: Delicate buttery crust topped with lemon filling and dusted with powdered sugar. $15.00/half dozen $25.00/dozen

Turtle Cheesecake Bars: Flakey crust baked with cream cheese filling. Topped with caramel, coconut and milk chocolate. $18.00/half dozen $30.00/dozen

Seven Layer Bars: Classic bar coookie made with chocolate and butterscotch morsels, pecans and coconut. $18.00/half dozen $30.00/dozen

Oatmeal Cream Sandwiches: A very popular treat! Two soft oatmeal cookies filled with a generous portion of cream filling. $12.00/half dozen $20.00/dozen

Lulus: Our version of an Oreo, except bigger and softer. $12.00/half dozen $20.00/dozen
Contact with any questions or concerns: lauren.eviesdesserts@gmail.com

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